We’re Back(ed): musiXmatch Closes 3.7 million USD in Series A Funding

For the last 18 months, musiXmatch has been committed to providing simple solutions for the music industry. We created musiXmatch out of the belief that searching for lyrics should be simple, and that developers should be able to easily integrate music lyrics into existing music applications, without having to worry about distribution rights.

Our philosophy is that feedback cannot be discussed, it must be implemented. We believe that developer feedback and community involvement are the most valuable assets for product improvement.

In October 2010, we launched the first developer version of the musiXmatch Lyrics API, enabling hackers and developers to create and experiment using our platform. At the time musiXmatch did not even have an official site; just a Twitter account, an API and a dream.

The feedback we received from the developer and publishing community was incredible. We received hundreds of thousands of suggestions from developers from all around the world. We are incredibly grateful!

You helped us realize we were on to something big.

The more we worked on improving musiXmatch, the more we began to understand what factors motivate consumers to search for lyrics online. We realized very quickly that one of musiXmatch’s key product features was the ability to find matching lyrics for your existing music library.

Hence our name: musiXmatch

For us, the “perfect match” cannot be found through dating. 

Instead, it is found in song metadata like this:

 Title / Artist / Release / Music_Labels / Lyrics / Songwriters / Music_Publishers 

There is no other service in the music industry today that associates and matches the  music recording information Title / Artist / Release / Music_Labelswith music publishing data Lyrics / Songwriters / Music_Publishers

musiXmatch is first service in the world to provide this feature.

In terms of industry copyrights and legalization, we believe that we have helped the industry move forward, through creating a global distribution model and a simple monetization platform for digital lyrics. 

Some skeptics have raised the question: “Why should developers even use a Lyrics API, when the lyrics are already on Google?

Our response has always been: 

It’s inconvenient for users to search for Lyrics on Google

Users want to have the most up to date lyrics perfectly matched to their music library. Instantly.

When you look at the fact that 10% of Google’s searches are music related and 70% of music queries are Lyrics related, you begin to understand the extent of the problem.

We aim to solve that problem.

In the coming months, musiXmatch will be expanding our service to include consumer focused solutions, offering the best Lyrics experience on the market.

Large problems require great solutions. If you bring passion and dedication to the table, you can create a huge business. 

 Today musiXmatch is pleased to announce that we have secured 3.7 million USD in Series A Funding, led by FMA fund. 

This money will be used to improve every single experience of our API, and expand our distribution and content localization efforts in Asia and the U.S.

We will also open our first office in the U.S, acquire talented engineers, and significantly invest in improving our platform.

MusiXmatch aims to be the best Lyrics platform in the world, with a scalable API that allows anyone to access the largest database of legal lyrics online.

We want to thank the musiXmatch team, the developer community, and of course, our fans around the world. You make our dreams possible.


Max Ciociola
CEO & Founder

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