OpenSSL security update

Dear Friends,

On Monday April 7th, a major vulnerability called “Heartbleed” had been discovered in the technology behind Internet encryption i.e. OpenSSL.

This was immediately addressed by the OpenSSL group and the main concerned parties have already updated their infrastructure. Even though musiXmatch does not handle nor store any sensitive data, all our peers do, thus we and one of our service providers (Amazon Web Service) have upgraded and patched our infrastructure.

Our updated infrastructure can now interact safely with all the counterparts used by our applications (Twitter, Facebook and Google+).  We have not yet encountered any issue related to this vulnerability in the musiXmatch apps. However as a precautionary measure, we strongly advise you to logout of Facebook or Google+ from the musiXmatch app, restart the application and then login again using your favourite social network.

If you have any questions or concerns, please email

musiXmatch Engineer team


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Summer Intership 2013 @musiXmatch: Apply NOW !


We are offering the chance to be one of the FIRST, and one of the very FEW people who will get the opportunity to Intern at musiXmatch for our Summer Internship.

This won’t be like any others Internship, we’re talking about Italy, spend the summer in Italy, being in Bologna, just 27 min from Florence and 1 hour by Venice and 2 and half from Rome.

More than all ….just 40min from the beach. Yep.

We know you’re talented, we know you’re smart and we know you’ve got a wealth of knowledge to offer us, as we do to you, so why don’t we learn from each other?  We can’t promise there won’t be a little photocopying or a bit of toilet cleaning (we all do that, starting from our CEO), everyone has to pull their weight right? There will however, be so much more!

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musiXmatch hits 10M users, adding 1M new users per month, raises another 3,7 mln$ funding

London, 31 Jan 2013 - musiXmatch, the app featuring the world largest lyrics catalog, just hit the milestone of 10M users, all on mobile. musiXmatch, the second most used app on Spotify, also announced another fresh round of investment of 3.7M dollars, raised by current investors Micheli Associati and Paolo Barberis, former Dada’s founder.

We’ve built the largest and official Lyrics database that, combined with our audio matching technology and  synchronized lyrics is a unique experience for music fans. Many users say we’ve cracked the karaoke experience as people want to sing and read lyrics while listening to music anytime" said Max Ciociola, CEO & Founder of musiXmatch.” We are now aiming at the second screen & TV experience, and we are going to announce something very cool during the next World Mobile Congress in Barcelona

Lyrics are one of the most important pieces of content in the music space.  Whenever people search for an artist on Google, they primarily do that in order to search for lyrics (Google Trend ) and the keyword ‘lyrics’ is among the most popular searched terms  (source Google )

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